February 2020

The schedule for the Mini Show on 1st July was circulated at the meeting and can be viewed here.

“Mystery surprise and illusion in the garden” – that may sound like an Agatha Christie “who dunnit”,  but Daniele Altieri provided more of a “how to do it” talk at our February meeting. He had an abundance of inspirational ideas for gardens large and small with techniques to try straight away without expensive landscaping.  These clever and practical ideas started with creating something as simple as a curved path – a trick to lead the eye to follow and explore  a new area. The idea was to hide and reveal to create depth and intrigue. Planting suggestions included using hot colours close by and cold colours at the far end to create distance. He explained that repetition of planting in a zig zag formation made for  cohesion.   A “fruit  salad” of planting was a nightmare to be avoided. Mirrors and gates strategically placed worked well with great effect as did the use of slabs, gravel and brick to provide texture.  Well placed gaps in a hedge line enabled the landscape beyond to be glimpsed. And if a plant or tree obscured something else more interesting then don’t be afraid to take it out.  His talk certainly lived up to its title.








February competitions: There were 11 entries for the vase of snowdrops, and 6 entries for the vase of spring flowers. There were 3 entries for the leeks, and 4 entries for any other vegetable. It’s fun – have a go!  Please see the full competition schedule to find out what’s coming up.