January 2020 Memo

Who would have thought that a talk and demonstration on hedge laying would have been so popular and interesting? But Sandhurst hedge layer Phill Piddell kept our full attention in his entertaining, illustrated talk about this ancient skill.  He showed off an awesome selection of razor sharp tools and explained the process of “pleaching” to create a flexible “hinge” that enabled the stems such as hazel or hawthorn to be pushed over to create an effective barrier to keep livestock such assheep from escaping their pasture. He kept our attention with a series of questions, and if you got the answer right you were rewarded with a prize. A stick pencil! It was a great evening.
The most popular competition class was “Winter colour in a small jug” with nine entries.

Join us on February 5th when Daniele Alitieri has an intriguing talk on “Mystery, surprise and illusion in the garden”.